Short Stories:


  • Alisiyad Excerpt. Russ and Liseli’s lives are mundane and lonely, till one day they find themselves lost in an otherworld called Alisiya.  Surrounded by secrets and unable to get home, they must rely on each other and learn to survive.
  • Dreamers Complete. The story of Muse and Love, immortals who balance two lives in two worlds.


Recent updates

Persephone In Winter

I. Boys and Girls “I think he’s creepy.  He totally has hardcore Nice Guy Syndrome for you.”  She said it with ultimate authority, the way she always did when she had just learned a new word.  In this case, a phrase.  She said it to her reflection in the mirror, not to me, which in […]

Part 27

Muse found her car parked outside Beauty’s picket fence, when she returned.  It sat there, so innocently, as if it had never disappeared.  Yet still she could sense a bit of dreamworld magic clinging to it, as if it had been to the moon and the stars and the go inbetweens, while she was calling […]

Part 26

Muse went out in the early morning sun and stood on the rock by the Lake. The sun rose to its peak and began to drift back down, and still she stood, overlooking the calm expanse.  A wind blew up every now and then, rippling the surface, but Muse did not move. She had first […]