For a client to get a general overview of the working abilities of the team allocated to him for a certain project, he would require from every team member, a background check. This background check is often the biography of a worker’s work experience and the credentials that certify him worthy of such a position for the project. Each biography written must be focused on the prospective project, so all experiences should be tailored towards the goal of that project to create relevance. The bio will consist of past jobs that have been completed and degrees achieved by the worker that are relevant in executing the new task.

It sounds simple and straightforward, but

It sounds simple and straightforward, but that is not the case with lots of professionals, the crafting of biography for oneself has proven to be a difficult endeavor. Lots of people appear more confident when speaking about themselves than writing about themselves, this condition is known as the “Imposter Syndrome, IS”. This syndrome is defined as all thoughts and feelings of not being up to the standards of a position, even if there are accolades to prove your worthiness. Imposter syndrome has no respect for gender or age, as anyone can experience it at any time in any given situation, but experienced more when writing a biography about oneself.

Being Confident to Write Biographies

Examples of people with IS are students thinking they’re at the bottom of cohorts, though they understand what’s been thought of in class, parents who feel they’re failing while their children are excelling. Those who made it to a top position in their workplaces despite being the best candidates or those who got their dream jobs and still can’t believe how they did. With many suffering from IS, the notion that it’s a common phenomenon in societies has become rampant as they believe it’s normal to feel inferior. This has affected a number of working-class citizens when they’re asked to submit bios of their achievements and considered for a new position.

When writing down achievements, our minds play tricks on us that what is achieved doesn’t meet the requirements, that there’s more that needs to be done, while we’ve done the best. The efforts made, late and sleepless nights, tears we’ve shared just to attain the position all matter, so feelings of not being up to standard should be crushed. While all these feelings persist when writing the biography, there’s also a soothing sense of comfort with what is being written, giving us that extra assurance of being qualified. When writing a bio for a project you’re excited about, take out time to give yourself a gold star, that proverbial pat on the back, and with more practice it gets easier.